Sterling Galeria presents Klara Abaffy, Gyongyver Gaal and Kinga Huber

Fables heard in our childhood leave a mark on each of us. Do we remember these stories?
The three-dimensional illustration of Gyongyver Gaal and the colourful jewels with Hungarian folk patterns designed by Klara Abaffy invoke memories of the carefree childhood years, while Kinga Huber's works recreate a magical dreamland.

Klára Abaffy
Matyó patterned and coloured jewels based on a following tale:

Gyöngyvér Gaál
three-dimensional illustrations come to life from favourite childhood tales, such as:
"Once upon a dog fair in Buda"
or the "Little Pig, and the wolves'


Huber Kinga
what is real and what is fabulous ...
Fairy-Tale & a bit of horror!
The animals, insects pester hairs, flies, moths ... On this contemporary jewels, the fine finish
unrealistic coloured furs give the basic of the small, moving and vibrating silver insects.


Megnyitó: 2011. szeptember 30. 18 h
Mesét olvas: Rádler Blanka Tara és Benkő Bence
Megtekinthető: 2011. október 15-ig
Sterling Ékszergaléria

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